The Maze Runner cast dancing.

ladies rule the world meme » bands [1/3] 
↳ Fifth Harmony

they say you’re only as sick as your secrets

Harry interacting with Fifth Harmony during Strong 11/9/14



@coltonlhaynes Happy 40th Bday to my brother @tylerl_hoechlin ! Cheers to the hilarious/awesome memories over the yrs and to more insta ridicule!

@AllyBrooke: It is so important to spread love to others. We all most certainly deserve it and this world would be so much better if we all thought of eachother. Each day let’s make someone smile. Ok? 

Rest in peace, Simone Battle. You will be missed and never forgotten. 

@NormaniKordei: seriously anytime I’m down I think “WWBD” What Would Beyonce Do ! #QueenB